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In more than one previous on Agiblocks 4.0, we’ve talked about the excellent integration features offered by Big Wave BI, one of our latest partners-in-crime in expanding the Agiblocks universe. For instance, in our Introduction to 4.0-article last summer, we’ve talked about a new functionality that allows you to bring in external content, allowing Big Wave BI to offer game-changing business analytics capabilities within Agiblocks using the Power BI platform.

As much as 97 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Power BI, so we’re not going to waste your time talks about the overall advantages. If you are new to the concept though, you can find an introductory article on Power BI here. In the new entry today, we’ll take a closer look at what Big Wave BI specifically has already brought to the Agiblocks table – and at what’s to come in the foreseeable future!

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Big Wave BI

Big Wave BI transforms your existing sources of data into custom-built dashboards that instantly reveal your business trends so you can make meaningful decisions quickly and free your mind for creative thinking. Big Wave BI is a specialized PowerBI service provider in coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and grains and are true experts in the Agiblocks CTRM data models. They provide reports and business analytics on Agiblocks CTRM and offers specific integrated features such as Agiblocks CTRM ShipsGo Integration.

In Agiblocks 4.0, Big Wave BI has a special part to play. The latest version of Agiblocks offers something completely new, and something that isn’t provided by Agiboo, but rather by Big Wave BI: an external system for container tracking to follow shipments, plugged right into your system.

ShipsGo Integration

“We are immensely proud and deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide a new exceptional service for Shipment Tracking integrated with Agiblocks Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software for your esteemed business needs”, says the team at Big Wave BI. “This shipment tracking service is offered in cooperation with Big Wave BI and ShipsGo to track shipments and get real time ETA’s of deliveries in Agiblocks CTRM.”

ShipsGo container tracking tool allows you to locate your shipment between ports. When you send a container tracking request, you will receive all the information on your shipment and will be able to see the live position of the vessel as well. ShipsGo provides tracking services for more than 100 shipping lines. It is an online pay-as-you- go service. More information can be found on their website: Container Tracking Platform / ShipsGo.

Agiblocks CTRM manages the complete life cycle of the trade or purchase. From Contract management, Risk Management, Logistics and Execution to Invoicing. The logistics and execution part contains essential information in the delivery such as the Bill of Lading number, Container number and carrier. It is with this information that ShipsGo can be used as a service to obtain valuable information such as the actual ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) or even the exact location of the goods. This can even be visible on a map.

Power BI facilitates augmenting Agiblocks CTRM with ShipsGo-provided data (and opens the possibility for users of the integration to mix in other data sources). Users can view container location information from an interface that is integrated in Agiblocks, eliminating the need to manually import container details into ShipsGo or otherwise jump into its interface to use this functionality. Big Wave BI created this connection allowing to see Agiblocks CTRM information in combination with real-time update information from ShipsGo.

The potential for more – so much more

The Big Wave BI application and its ShipsGo integration for real-time container are just one example of the extension of our ecosystem. For instance, we’re working with FinanceAgri too to bring Sitagri Infinite’s data on futures prices directly into the Agiboo CTRM solution, to unlock the international cash market, derivatives, options and spreads of major agricultural exchanges. We’re working on supply chain management – for instance, tracking which shipment of cacao comes from which farmer. We’re looking at bill of lading, because that’s also coming – from procurement all the way to delivery, it’ll just be a few clicks.

Big Wave BI: “We believe significant untapped opportunity exists to empower AgiBlocks users to unleash their data using the rich business intelligence/reporting offered by Microsoft Power BI.” Shipsgo integration for real-time container tracking is just the start.

“Agiboo already provides a comprehensive set of standard reports for their product”, says Jan van den Brom. “This a great option for users that are hungry for more advanced reporting. Opportunities include providing enhanced canned reports as well as servicing customers by fulfilling custom reporting requests. We would rather someone like Big Wave BI take this on so that we can stay focused on our core competencies.

Additionally, there is interest in integrating Agiblocks data with data from other systems/services as well – including interest in “off the shelf” (canned) integrations (such as Big Wave BI’s ShipsGo integration), as well as custom-crafted solutions (such as for Big Wave BI to build an integration enabling Agiblocks data to be meshed with data from a client’s custom in-house system).By connecting your platforms and consolidating your data into one place, Big Wave’s custom-built dashboards make decision-making crystal clear.”

Big Wave BI: “Think of our dashboards as your expedition guide. They know the signs, the land, the weather patterns and can help you have the exact adventure you’re looking for. Our data visualization allows you to break out of the valley of analysis paralysis and empower you to work toward your higher purpose.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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