Agiboo at Global Grain Geneva 2023

We’re gearing up for the 22nd annual Global Grains Conference, which will -as always- be held in Geneva. This year’s show is scheduled for November 7-9 and we’re very much looking forward to going. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to meet George Bradshaw, our new senior account manager, who will be attending the conference – so we happily invite you to join us at the top B2B trade show at the InterContinental. Geneva might not be the nation’s capital, but it is very much a key hub for the commodity industry. It is one of the reasons we opened up our Swiss office just a few years ago. Which means we’ll have plenty of time to visit with our clients in the area. See you there? You can register on their website.

Global Grain 2023

Global Grain Geneva hosts key voices from across the global supply chain, to provide you with the information required to negotiate the best deals for the year ahead. Dig into and debate contentious issues, gain insights to ensure you are able to get ahead of and manage upcoming risks, between your meetings with partners from around the world.

About a thousand senior grain trading professionals from across the globe will be gathering in Switzerland’s second biggest city for three days of networking, deal-making and information gathering. Millers, shippers, brokers – in other words, the whole supply chain – will be present. As the traditional grain trade routes continue to be disrupted, and weather conditions impact others, it is an important opportunity to gather with your peers to source new partners and identify opportunities through 2024 and beyond.


Grain: An Agiboo Special

For us at Agiboo, grain – and indeed the Global Grain convention – is right in our sweet spot. It is what we do, and what we do well. In Agiblocks, grain is in fact one of four Specialized Commodities – the other three begin cocoa, sugar and coffee. We have our ‘favorite’ commodities on the agenda the whole year round – both in spirit and physically.

You see, grain isn’t merely a commodity that is featured in Agiblocks, our flagship CTRM software. As grain is a collective term that is used for anything from wheat to barley and rice, it is essential to work in a CTRM system that supports all the various specifics.

It needs to be able to handle the general complexities of any particular commodity, for sure, along with providing features such as usability, performance and integration. However, grain trading has a number of very specific aspects to it that not every CTRM solution will be able to handle with ease, or even at all. Agiboo has made it its mission to handle all of them, though. That very specialization of our software is what makes it the foremost solution for agricultural commodities in general, but for these biggest soft commodities especially.

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Grain & Agiblocks: get your demo now!

Agiblocks is a multi-commodity capable system out of the box. While it is a strong contender across many commodities, it is extremely strong in terms of meeting the specific requirements of grain markets. In fact, Agiblocks caters to them with unrivalled dedication.

Built on modern technology, it provides functionality for trading physical commodities and their terminal market instruments. It supports contract management, logistics fulfillment, forex and hedging, and it has tools for real-time risk analysis and risk management. It supports both trading management and financial management from the same source of data and within the same application. Its modular structure allows users to implement an end–to-end solution or to select individual functions to implement only the functions that are needed, expanded with any and all external content you need for your daily routine.

Now, in its powerful 4.0 version, Agiblocks is the disruptor we’ve always envisioned it to be.

Experience our CTRM software solution for free and get a front-row seat to all the benefits Agiblocks has to offer with our free demo. The full range of Agiblocks functionality is available within the demo environment for your browsing leisure. Familiarize yourself with the tools and features of our powerful and agile software solution and find out how you can make the daily practices of commodity trade and risk management more efficient. Fill out the form on and we will get back to you!


Connect with Agiboo

Global Grain Geneva is one of many key commodity conferences on the agenda. You can find George Bradshaw and Agiboo anywhere from Commodity Trading Week (both Singapore and London) and the World Cocoa Conference to the international conferences for cotton, sugar and coffee. Stay tuned for our announcements as well as our post-event reports, and be sure to reach to us out if you would like to connect with George and our team, or if you want more information about our flagship software. Just as with working with Agiblocks, you can do so anytime, anywhere.

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