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Modern day trading is not based on gut feeling but on the traders knowledge, experience and network. To make deliberate decisions a trader needs to have a clear vision about the market, their position and potential changes and risks involved. As a young player in the Commodity Trade and Risk Management (CTRM) domain, we are determined as a company to improve our customers ability to manage risks and make better deals.

Our customers need to be concentrated on their deals not on the risk, despite the fact that risk is an integral part of their business. To help them achieve that our Agiblocks platform is modular, mobile and flexible offering realtime and eod overview and governance over volumes, variance and velocity from a physical and financial perspective. By improving risk management and control our software supports operational excellence and as a result traders can rest assured. Knowing that they are in control of their risks so they can keep their eye on the deal.

Our approach

Our Trading and IT background is a great place to start but we learn the most from our customers. Our approach? We listen, understand, and translate the customers way of working into effective functional support and improved risk management. We apply Agile development methods allowing us to continuously develop our software ensuring a quick and effective response to ever changing market dynamics and customer needs. Our people are our most important ingredient in the mix.

Agiboo implementation consultants help with a smooth migration from the current practices to the Agiblocks platform ensuring the customer experiences the benefits of Agiblocks integrated and modular functionality.

Improving the quality of your trading organization means improving overview and insight in your activities and risks. Growing your Trade business is all about knowing the market, staying ahead of the curve and knowing when to buy or sell. It is not creating spreadsheets, drawing graphs or rolling the dice! Agiblocks helps improve your risk management process giving the trader more time to focus on the markets and deals. They can rest assured knowing that our software and specialists have their back.

We love IT-solutions

At Agiboo headquarters, we love traders and we love nerds. We look for the combination of the two and end up empty handed. There are just not enough nerds that love trading in todays world. There are even less traders that love IT. So our solution is to develop them. If it is not out there, make it yourself. Thanks to our customers, we can grow our product and specialists and Agiboo is no longer a startup but a young and serious contender in the CTRM domain. Now it is up to us to make the difference. Come visit us and find out how Agiblocks can help you develop your trading organization for the future.

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