Our 2024 so far: Agiboo joins Cultura, new partnerships and more

We’ve been waiting for these blue skies for a while, but now that Spring has finally sprung, it provides a pleasant opportunity for reflection. Which is to say, now that the cold and wet weather has left us, it’s nice to shine a light on some other positives as well – such as the highlights of our year so far. The biggest news over at Agiboo HQ is undoubtedly the fact that we have joined the Cultura Technology family, because we are very excited about the possibilities this deal brings – most notably in leveraging Cultura’s collaborative environment, global reach, and deep expertise in Agribusiness to enrich the Agiblocks world.

Cultura Technology: for a thriving and resilient agri industry

Cultura brings together people, businesses, and technologies focused on building a thriving and resilient agri-food system. These collective insights enable better decision-making across the entire food supply – and help improve the services that support the industry as well.

“We are excited to welcome Agiboo to Cultura,” said Rich Reynertson, President of Cultura.

“Together, we will look to enhance global CTRM, leveraging Agiboo’s experience in the commodities industry and work within our collaborative circles across the supply chain to support our growing global customer base.” You can read our full press release here.

With respect to growing that base, we have recently welcomed Greencof as a brand-new client of Agiboo. The Dutch specialist in green specialty coffee has chosen our flagship CTRM software Agiblocks and – with the help of our partner and MS Business Central specialist Vasilok – opted to go for the full integration with MS Dynamics.

cultura website

New partnerships

Another highlight well worth mentioning is the fact that we’ve entered into several new partnerships. Agiboo is always looking out for exciting new ways to improve our flagship software and while we have a very dedicated team to do so, we’re all too aware that external support is a great way to innovate our product too. Which is why we’ve called upon the services of Big Wave BI to offer game-changing business analytics capabilities within Agiblocks using the Power BI platform.

As much as 97 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Power BI, so we’re not going to waste your time talking about the overall advantages. If you are new to the concept though, you can find an introductory article on Power BI here. And over here, we’ll take a closer look at what Big Wave BI has already brought to the Agiblocks table – as well as to what’s to come in the foreseeable future!


Another fresh new partnership is with the experts of CommodityAI – as their suite of applications is specifically designed to automate operations for commodity traders and producers. “We’re enhancing your control over your commodity trading operations through end-to-end shipment management, advanced tracking and AI-driven performance insight”, says Philip Koenig. “One-size-fits-all generic solutions don’t work, because commodities are too specific. It has to be tailored to those needs – as you well know. You offer a great product in Agiblocks, so much innovative functionality and abilities to organizing data in a meaningful way. We complement that approach with our platform.”

CommodityAI was founded by Philip Koenig, Daniel Cervoni and Kyle Franz. Their collective background and experience in both the trading industry and software engineering for leading logistics and software companies make them uniquely suited to build for the industry. With an aim of creating the digital infrastructure to eliminate inefficiencies in commodities trading, they’re focusing on a universal challenge that’s inherent to commodity companies: Maintaining agility and control over ever-changing commodity supply chains.

“AI will change and automate commodity operations in a significant matter in the foreseeable future”, says Agiboo’s Jan van den Brom. “Fortified with all the possibilities of external data availability, it will have a huge influence on the industry. Only time will tell by how massive the impact will be – but we will soon find out. We are very happy to start our partnership with CommodityAI.”

Speaking of AI, we’ve also looked into 4 other ways that artificial intelligence will impact the commodity trade industry, including reducing complexing and enhancing risk management.

Interested how we at Agiboo can improve the commodity trade industry? Then be sure to read our entry on Certifications for soft commodities: Smart functionality in Agiblocks.

Stay tuned for more Agiboo news in the near future!


Discover Agiblocks

Agiblocks is the first CTRM software solution that simplifies the daily practices of commodity trade professionals. It has been developed with the single goal of making your fixed routine of commodity trading and risk management more efficient. Its clean user interface is simple with fast access to key functions. For every task, from creating a contract to evaluating your risk, all required information is readily available. It is as powerful on smartphones and tablet computers as it is on the desktop, so it’s accessible anytime, anywhere.

Experience our CTRM software solution for free and get a front-row seat to all the benefits Agiblocks has to offer with our free demo. The full range of Agiblocks functionality is available within the demo environment for your browsing leisure. Familiarize yourself with the tools and features of our powerful and agile software solution and find out how you can make the daily practices of commodity trade and risk management more efficient.

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