Agiblocks ERP System Integration


Wait: Agiblocks ERP? Isn’t Agiboo’s flagship software solution a CTRM system? Well yes, it is – but a lot of people confuse CTRM software with ERP technology. We’re here to […]

Hedging 101: hedging with agricultural options

Commodity traders – as well as most other traders – tend to be risk averse. That is to say, they prefer situations with low uncertainty over situations with high uncertainty. […]


Lentils yellow green red

Red, yellow, brown and green: there are many varieties of lentils. Lentils can only be bought dried and have somewhat of a bad rep. Over recent years however, lentils have […]

European Sugar Virtual Conference 2020

laptop agiblocks hand reference to european sugar conference

The annual European Sugar Conference switched to a digital edition this year and was postponed to September 9th, when the world of sugar commodity trading met virtually for the 2020 […]