Happy Holidays from Agiboo! Season's greetings and a quick recap of 2023

2023 has been a very exciting year for us at Agiboo. While it might not be polite to sing one’s own praises in a message that’s meant as a season’s greetings, we’d still very much like to do so. However, let us start with thanking each and every one of you for all that you do. Our brand simply wouldn’t be the same without you!

Now, as to why we at Agiboo are so happy about 2023 – it’s really rather obvious. Over the summer, we’ve successfully launched the 4.0 version of Agiblocks. In the months leading up to it, our development team has made huge strides to finalize their collective efforts. They have brought an update to our platform that is neither a marketing campaign nor just simple esthetics, but rather a leap forward in terms of functionality and optimization. In fact, Agiblocks 4.0 is how we’ve always envisioned the full potential of our CTRM softwareWe also released Sampling, Blending & Processing features in Agiblocks this year.

A true disruptor, if you will. You can find the full product sheet here for those wanting to dive into the specs. Be careful though – since we’ve launched ‘V4’, quite a few customers have decided to roll out the Agiboo platform globally. We now have customers in all parts of the world including South and North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and have increased our user base by 100 percent as well!


New partners, new customers

On a relationship level, we can look back on a great year too. We’ve reached out to Loqsea (to add real-time risk management to Agiblocks), teamed up with Quatro Solutions (to streamline implementation of Agiblocks and tackle the queues for our CTRM software solution), and of course partnered up with Afrisoft Africa, a division of TransLution Software to implement Agiblocks in southern Africa. And did you know Agiboo is gaining traction in the world of bio fuels, with Agiblocks being sought out for its prowess in dealing with the specific challenges of the modern market?

More importantly, we’ve welcomed several new client companies to the Agiblocks family!

In fact, we’ve started 2023 in a major way, by adding five new customers in just the first two months. As such, we’ve entered a new phase of growth and development, for which we can thank our development team and all that they have realized. In the words of Jan van den Brom: “The challenge isn’t gaining new customers, but in doing it right for them.

This success appears to be as much about the nature of Agiboo’s cloud capabilities and availability as software as a service than anything else. There simply isn’t much competition or choice on the Ags side these days if you want modern technology stacks and cloud-based deployment. But we’ll talk more about our prowess in Cloud availability in another article.

To sum up – and we can’t stress this enough really – none of all this would have been possible without your ongoing support. So, thank you. And let’s cheer to health and happiness. We hope that you’ll have some well-deserved downtime (remember: sometimes the most productive and healthy thing you can do is relax!) and wish you all the best for the new year and beyond. 

– Team Agiboo

Merry Christmas
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